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SECP Investor Guide : Investor_Guide_Volume I_SECP

SECP Investor Guide : Investor_Guide_Volume II_SECP

SECP Guide : SECP GuideLines

PSX Investor Guide : PSX_Investor_GuideLine

PSX GuideLine : PSX_GuideLine_Book

National Clearing Company of Pakistan Limited (NCCPL): [UIN Information System (UIS)]

Central Depository Company (CDC):



service desk-SECP

Agreement with the Broker: Brokerage Agreement

Pakistan Stock Exchange

PSX Website: Pakistan Stock Exchange

Urdu Investor Guide: Investor Guide (Urdu)

PSX Rule Book: PSX_RuleBook

PSX Online Complaint Lodge: PSX Online Complaint Lodge

Internet Trading

General Disclosure in URDU:  General Disclosure

General Disclosure in ENGLISH: General Disclosure

Trades Settlement: Disclosure

Trading Securities Risk: Disclosure

Alternative Placing Orders: Security Risk -Alternative Placing Orders

Procedure of Order Cancellation : Order Cancellation During System failure

Arbitration & Relationship : Broker Client Relationship & Arbitration

Institute of Capital Markets (ICM)

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