Welcome To Din Capital Limited

Din Capital Ltd is an emerging equity brokerage house on the Pakistan Stock Exchange and is ranked amongst leading corporate brokerage houses in terms of capital and trades executed on PSX. DCL was established as corporate brokerage house in 2013 and was converted into a limited company in 2015. During this time period, the company has grown into a full serviced major size brokerage house on PSX and sponsors/shareholders have now decided to list the company on Pakistan stock exchange in the near future.

DCL’s sponsors and management have been in equity brokerage business since early 1990s in various capacities. The company has established a vast retail and high net worth client base along with increasing number of institutional investors. The sponsors and management firmly believe in building necessary infrastructure in terms of quality human resource, use of technology and top of the line office premises for providing quality investment advice and services to its clients. Most importantly, given the need for having a well capitalized brokerage house amid changing brokerage industry dynamics, sponsors have made reasonable size initial equity injection in DCL making it amongst the large corporate brokerage houses of PSX in terms of capital.