Welcome To Din Capital Limited

Din Capital Ltd is an emerging equity brokerage house on the Karachi Stock Exchange and is ranked amongst leading corporate brokerage houses in terms of capital and trades executed on KSE. DCL was established as corporate brokerage house in 2013 and was converted into a limited company in 2015. During this time period, the company has grown into a full serviced major size brokerage house on KSE and sponsors/shareholders have now decided to list the company on Karachi stock exchange in the near future.

DCL’s sponsors and management have been in equity brokerage business since early 1990s in various capacities. The company has established a vast retail and high net worth client base along with increasing number of institutional investors. The sponsors and management firmly believe in building necessary infrastructure in terms of quality human resource, use of technology and top of the line office premises for providing quality investment advice and services to its clients. Most importantly, given the need for having a well capitalized brokerage house amid changing brokerage industry dynamics, sponsors have made reasonable size initial equity injection in DCL making it amongst the large corporate brokerage houses of KSE in terms of capital.

Our Services

Investment Research

The company has dedicated financial information portal containing comprehensive financial information data on majority of the listed companies on KSE. This enables DCL’s clients to make timely inquiry on stocks and access the information which they need for making well informed investment decisions. In addition, the company has its own research team, which provides regular investment updates to its clients on Pakistani market and stocks.

Online Stock Trading

DCL provides online stock trading platform to all its clients to trade on KSE through their computers and smart phones. Majority of retail clients are now using online stock trading platform as it has given them access to stock market from wherever they are. The system has enabled clients to have full control on their investment portfolio, where they directly execute and monitor the performance of their portfolio.

Experienced Team

DCL has a large team of experienced equity dealers who are continuously in touch with clients from all over the country for trade executions and providing them with updated market situation.
Our mission is to enable our clients to make prudent investment decisions on KSE by providing real-time financial information, timely investment advice and world class trade execution.
Our vision is to become a leading equity brokerage house on KSE and harness strong relationships with clients to help them achieve their investment goals.
Our greatest value and asset is the trust of thousands of investors on our timely, accurate, and professional brokerage services.

Meet Our Team

Mr. Ali Asghar Nanji
Mr. Ali Asghar NanjiCEO and Nominee Director
Mr. Nanji has been CEO of the company since 2013. He has over 20 years of banking experience in senior positions with major international banks operating in Pakistan. Besides banking, he has extensive experience in wealth management and capital markets. Mr. Nanji completed his education in USA with Master’s degree in Business Administration.